18/19 May Weekend ahead

An exciting weekend of hockey to look forward to

Here is what the draw looks like for tomorrow:

YearTeamOppositionGame timeArrive by TimeLocation
Y3/4Toroa Indians WISC Leopards 08:0007:30Newlands
Y3/4TuisWadestown School 08:0007:30Newlands
Y5/6PhoenixNorthern United Leopards08:0007:30NHS 1B (Top)
Y7/8KeasHutt United09:459:15NHS 2 (Middle)
Y7/8DolphinsKarori 1B10:0009:30 NHS 3 (Bottom)
Y7/8OrcasKarori 2 B09:0008:30 NHS 3 (Bottom)

Don’t forget that the U13 Development Programme starts on Sunday at 8:00 @ NHS. Registered Players need to be there at 07:30 so remember there will be additional traffic due to the Zoo $2 weekend.

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