Uniform & Equipment

Harbour City Junior Hockey uniform  & equipment requirements

Harbour City Uniform consists of a white shirt with Yellow and Black decals on the shirt, black shorts and white socks with a yellow and a black stripe.

Players are required to wear their uniform, however we understand that little ones can get cold during the winter months and therefor they are permitted to wear black skins or long sleeve T Shirts and/pants under their uniform.

We take safety seriously at the club and it is compulsory for players to wear a mouth guard and shin guards during practice and during games. Should your child turn up for practice or games without the compulsory safety gear they will not be permitted to play.

Item  Cost  Where to buy
Harbour City T-shirt Free for the season.  Parents will be charged $50 for the shirt if it is lost or returned damaged. Provided by the Club.
Harbour City socks – White with yellow and black stripe up to $20 Just Hockey in Newtown (Ph 389 4384)
Shorts – Black up to $40 Any sportswear store
Black skins (optional) Up to $35 The Warehouse or sports stores
Hockey Stick – half way between the child’s waist and hip is a good guide to length needed Junior Players – est$50.00
Experienced or representative players est$50.00 – $300.00
Any sports store. For expert advice contact Just Hockey in Newtown (Ph 389 4384).  The club has a few small sticks to borrow.  Goalie sticks are provided.
Mouth Guard – Compulsory  $7.00 – $60.00 Any sports store
Shin Pads –  Compulsory  $15.00 – $60.00 Any sports store
Footwear – sturdy running/cross training shoe  Up to $160.00 Any footwear store
Goalie gear  Provided

 Club T-shirt sizing chart

Our t-shirts are based on the following measurements.
Harbour City T shirts Size Charts-03